Black Lab Puppy is awesome!


black lab puppyAmongst all creatures that God has created or nature has evolved, the Black Lab Puppy has to be in the running for the top position of cuteness, cuddliness, and adorability.

Puppy Love

If you have owned a black lab puppy, then you know exactly what to expect as you read this and look at the heartwarming photos of the little black lab puppies.

As I write this all of my senses are re-kindled as memories of my 5-year-old black lab Guinness as an 8-week old puppy returns.

This picture is a spitting image of what Guinness looked like.  I remember holding him in my arms and feeling his warmth.  The smell of his puppy breath and sensation of his warm breathing against my skin are in my mind as if it was just yesterday.  His little yawns and curled tongue and very sharp little puppy teeth are imprinted in my memory as are the painful reminder of those little sharp teeth as he chews on my hands and fingers.

puppy in the grassIf you have never had puppies, you are surely missing out on a great experience. And If you have had a puppy, but not a Black Lab puppy then you are missing out on a superlative experience.

One of the coolest things that I remember about Guinness when he was little was how very easy it was to teach him things.  Like how to go potty in certain spots, or when he first learned how to sit and lay down.  And, by God, that chasing of a ball, holy smokes! That was a behavior that he picked up right away and has stuck to him, rather obnoxiously, to this very day.

Not all is golden

But don’t be fooled! Those little precious fur balls can also be extremely mischevious.  Some of the thing we experienced with Guinness that were not exactly adorable include:

  • Pulling the curtains down
  • Pulling the shower curtain down
  • Chewing on most everything he should not chew on
  • Eating the cat turds in the cat box
  • Peeing suddenly anywhere he was out of the blue.
  • Barking, whining, crying in the middle of the night

And when they eat and drink… OMG!  It is like a hurricane went through!  There is food everywhere and water everywhere. It is like cleaning up after a two-year-old eating a taco. But all in all it was a great experience.

It’s all worth it


We love Guinness with all our hearts and know that through all the difficulty we had we also had great memories of raising him to be the gallant, noble adult dog he is today.  There is no dog more loyal, more loving and more filled with youth, energy and a desire to please than a Black Lab.  You can see this from the day you bring home that little warm puppy and can expect no less throughout the dogs life.


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