Turning Down Stalkers At Your Work Place

Turning Down Stalkers At Your Work Place

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I 'grown up watching Tin Tin, Tom & Jerry, ScoobyDoo and the last of my cartoon series was Pokemon. If you have watched it you will know that it is about a young boy who fascinates about these amazing creatures with different powers, each is very different from the other. Today with the advent of Tinder, Hinge and several other internet dating sites I guess we resonate our world to the cartoon series. We want to date several men and/or women, move around and have fun, but with so much of exposure and interaction we have forgotten where to draw the line.

We try to pick up interesting 'pokemons' of the same and/or opposite sex at all places including salons, making the life of our hairdressers miserable. Across several unisex salons, it is taught by their management that hairdressers need to talk to their clients to keep them entertained while their haircut is being done, these talks might be about general things like fashion, movies, sports, etc. Some clients do not understand that these are strategies by the brand for customer retention and they mistake this small talk for friendliness and more.

This makes the hairdresser desirable by the client, the more beautiful or handsome the hairdresser, the harder he or she will be hit on after the mundane talks are over. So ladies & gentlemen, we've experimented most of these ways to turn down stalkers at Salons. Some if it might be difficult to apply as you might think it will cost you business but better safe than sorry... #Be Professional From the time you have been asked by a client whether you,' dating someone or not?

' be precautious as he or she might be on the verge of looking out. Be professional from the time you have been asked out for coffee, do say it's your work place and you come there to make a living not date clients as its against company policy which might have a life term impact on your career as you might just lose your job for being unprofessional. Further, do not accept offers of just being friends as the client might think that they have time to change your mind, this will string them on further to buy time and hit on you harder.

A firm NO from the start results in no hard feelings, the clients understand their mistakes and visits you only for your professional services thereafter. #Not Interested Every person who hits on you does not need an explanation for a refusal. Just keeping it simple would work out. First tell them you don't find them compatible for anything serious, and besides you're dating someone already. Get them off your back before they start sniffing your avoidance as hints and reaching your home.

#Switch Last Moment If your client insists on an appointment with you and your boss does not want to lose out on business, do give an appointment and at the last moment switch it with your co-worker.

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