Gifts for Black Lab lovers

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Gifts for Black Lab lovers

There are literally thousands of gifts for Black Lab lovers, but I am going to try to put together a Top 10 of the most charming and most desirable based on sales, reviews and information I get from fellow lab owners, friends and professional colleagues.

So without further ado, I will move forward with the list:

Black Lab Clothing

black lab clothingWhat says you love your Black Lab more than wearing it all over you body!  Check out this huge selection on Amazon of tees, hats, hoodies, socks, tank tops, underwear and slippers with that fuzzy cute face black lab in mind.  Some of them are soo cool.  Makes me want to stop and just buy things for myself instead of finishing this post!!


Black Lab Drinkware

Next on my list is drinkware,  holy schmolly there is a lot of Black Lab inspired drinkware!black lab mug Lots and lots of coffee mugs. I would say well over 100 to choose from.  Its reall hard to find one that catches my eye more than others.  If I were to choose I would have to say the one in this picture makes me smile.  Here is a nice one., take a look and chuckle while you browse.

Black Lab figurines, statues and such

black lab puppyNext on my list of cool stuff is little figurines and the such.  there is not a whole lot, but for us at our house we have a couple of them that we got when we on vacation in Alaska.  they are carve on a black wood and sit on a shelf on a built in cabinet in our office.  Everytime I see it, it reminds me of our boy Guinness and also, admittingly of our trip to Alaska..  both conjure up great memories.  The puppy in the picture is nice choice, but here is a list of about 50 that might make you want to get one for yourself.

Black Lab Art and Prints

I wish I had more money, because after looking at all the Black Lab art prints, I think I could fill a gallery. black lab art So are funny, others are melancholy.  However all of them are really desirable,  I like this one of the Lab sitting on the beach looking at the moon.  It did not get a very good review on Amazon. but for me..  well..  I like it.    And Like the drinkware category the whole list is long, but its worth it to look because there are so many really nice ones.  Here is nice one!

Black Lab themed books

black lab booksBooks are the next item on my list.  There are a lot of books about Black Labs.  From instructional books, the children’s books, journals, coloring books and story books.  My favorite hands down is “The Grace of Dogs” by Andrew Root.  It is a great introspective read about a pet’s impact and value in relationships and interaction in the family.  It is a bucket list book.  There are also a ton of books for kids as well,  take a look, here is one of my favorite. and see what you can find.

Black Lab – Miscellaneous items

My last category is kind of a potpourri.  This list includes magnets, gags, tote bags, towels, picture frames, bandannas, ornaments, pens and the list goes on and on.. black lab lover If I were tasked to chose one item for the list..  I would ponder long and hard and probably pick the puppy blanket.  I have so many good memories of when my Guinn was a puppy that just seeing it brings a smile and triggers so great memories.  You can choose you own, the list is random and diverse and Im sure you will find something you like (or if you are like me, you will like them all!)  Here is a a list of the “leftovers” on Amazon.

I hope I was able to share with you some great choices for those looking for gifts for Black Lab lovers,  I know in writing this and searching around that I was able to find some things now that I want.  It is such a rewarding experience to have a Lab as a pet (most of the time!) and hope you are able to find some things that will touch your heart and make you think of your Black Dog and smile too.

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