Black Lab is a Naughty Dog!

We thought it was just going to be a normal night… waiting for it to get dark, locking down the house and going to bed. To be honest it pretty much was. Guinness in our office, pretty much settled down, cats sleeping in various inconspicuous spots, goats outside chewing their cuds. The only sounds were the occasional dog bark and owl hoot. The hot tub heater hummed in the background.  …and a naughty black lab yearning to make an entrance.

It wasn’t until morning did we realize that it was not so normal.

You see, a certain Black Labrador Retriever has a specific fondness for King’s Hawaiian Dinner rolls. Said rolls give off a specific “come quaff me” scent that aggressively stimulates the olfactory glands of a less than completely disciplined specific Black Labrador Retriever.  Guinness in his zeal to sample a dinner roll decided to “surf the counter” and manage to find himself a nice supply of rolls and another slightly less desired object:  a razor sharp boning knife.

It was dumb luck or maybe dumb bad-luck, that naughty black lab knocked the knife off the counter onto the floor. The knife landed in such a way that the hilt balance on the floor and the blade of the boning knife was facing up. Guinness came down, paw first right onto top of the blade of the boning knife slicing him open across 3 toe pad and his palm pad… to the bone.

It was not the event itself that alerted us to what happened.  Guinness did not make a peep, (perhaps he knew that counter surfing was not on the list of allowable indoor activities) He simple paced all over the house, up and downstairs, in and out of rooms, leaving a dripping, drooling blood drops, prints, and smears where ever he went. He finally settled back into the office and laid down to sleep.

I am an early riser.  I generally get up between 5 and 6 AM… As usual, this morning, I wandered down the stairs from our loft master bedroom in the dark to the office and into the bathroom to take care of the ritualist morning duties.  This is followed, as if in a script, a trip to the kitchen where I make coffee.  This particular morning, when I turned on the kitchen lights, my eyes were greeted with the horrific landscape of bloody gore. There was blood everywhere on the floor.  Bloody paw prints led from the kitchen and through the great room back to the office, they lead toward the pantry and down the hall to the stairs to the basement.

To say the least, I was shocked. I really was not sure whose blood it was or where it came from.  Heading back to the office, I see Guinness standing there with his paw held up off the ground, blood dripping a steady stream to the ground below. He was wagging his tail and greeting me like he does every other day almost oblivious to his injury.  I yelled for my wife to help and we wrapped him up the best we could and hauled him off to the emergency vet. 

Guinness ended up with 16 stitches and a severed tendon.  He remained in a full leg cast for 6 weeks.  To this day his middle claw protrudes above the others because of the tendon damage. 

The one thing that I found the most difficult to deal with in this whole episode was getting Guinness to leave his bandages and cast alone. The collar that was provided by the vet. (see the picture) was not only the most useless piece of crap I have ever used, but we were also charged $42.00 for it.  I was so disappointed. It did not stop Guinness from trying to yank his cast off and it also made it hard for him to eat and drink. We asked around and some friends recommend one that you blow up after it is on his neck.  Yeah… naughty Black Lab

  It works way better, it is more comfortable,  and on Amazon, it was way cheaper!

Here is a Link to this Collar if you need one. It comes in a bunch of different sizes.

What was the most amazing take away from this event is that even after Guinness was in the cast,  stitched up, whole leg bandaged..  obviously sore.. he still wanted to us to throw a tennis ball for him.  Day after day, it never even

happened. Gotta love those Black Labs!



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